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Obviously if you’re limited on time, go with standing movements. The world record for sit ups was set by a Brazilian gentleman named Edmar Freitas who did 133,986 sit ups in 30 hours. If we were truly dealt a fixed number of flexion-extension cycles, Edmar would have likely used his up during his remarkable feats and would have herniated a disc on sight. All boxers, wresters, and bodybuilders would have herniated discs as well. Edmar has probably executed over a million sit ups in his life yet he’s still able to walk around with an intact spine. The case could be made that back extensions and reverse hypers lead to higher incidents of chronic injuries but I don’t agree.

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  • When we pick up plates or dumbbells off the bottom rack, we experience large shearing forces on the spine.
  • Performance strength training equipment designed to withstand the most intense workouts.
  • Thus, it seems reasonable to assert that the Roman chair performed to end-range extension would not be safe for an individual with a spondylolysis.

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Therefore, if you are taller or shorter than the average size mentioned then purchase a roman chair that allows your lower stomach to be positioned comfortably on the pad. Also, make sure that your legs fit, and your feet are tightly positioned too. Buying a roman chair without considering your weight and height can result in back pain or severe injuries.

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The gluteus maximus forms best shorts for thick thighs most of the superficial appearance of the butt and hips and is a very important muscle for function and aesthetics. What we mean by that is the 45-degree hyperextension makes it a lot easier and realistic for people to get on and exercise safely and effectively. FREE WORKOUT CHART W/ PURCHASE – Get a free PDF workout chart that shows dozens of great exercises that you can do on your new Multi-Functional bench.

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The Body-Solid 45 Degree Back Hyperextension GHYP345 is a combination inverted back extension and oblique flexor set at an exact 45° angle for ultimate conditioning. The roman chair allows you to build a strong core by targeting your abdominals and lower back muscles, your glutes, and your hamstrings. Strong core muscles allow your body to execute daily tasks while keeping your posture and balance in check. Hop onto the roman chair with your body upright and face the ceiling.

However, since the roman chair won’t be you’re the only piece of equipment it is a big feature to keep in mind. If you want to argue that this dynamic rotational movement targets the deepest layer of the abdominal wall, think again. The gluteal group, which most people attempt to target when using the hip abductor machine, is actually placed in an insufficient position to carry out its primary actions of hip extension and abduction. It’s important to remember that in the seated position, the available range of motion of the spine is largely limited compared to the fairly large range available when the hips move in conjunction with the spine. The back extension might be the biggest misnomer in fitness. The name implies that it should work your back and that’s what most gym-goers try to target when using this piece of equipment.

Step off from the stands and allow your legs to hang freely while maintaining a flat back position. Then contract your abdominals as you lift your legs and hips up toward your chest. Slowly lower your legs to the starting position but make sure your legs and hips make little or no contact with the VKR tower. Comfortable vinyl upholstery keeps body firm during workouts and adjustable ankle pads can be adjusted for different types of core exercises. The installation team were on time and set up my equipment in a very short time.

You SEEM to be saying that back-rounding in this movement is a bad idea too. Would I be best to just train my erector isometrically for endurance anyways, since the goal during a squat is to maintain erect? As I put in my comments to him, I have a hard time understanding how rounded back during back extensions could be okay, while rounded back during deadlifts is a no-no.


Machine manufacturers really threw away any semblance of moral or ethical practice with the widespread and continued production of hip adductor and abductor machines. This is a real problem that’s getting worse, and machines like the back extension aren’t doing our society any favors. No, I’m not going to blame seated back extensions for this grotesque number, but I will attribute a majority of that ever-climbing statistic to the lack of spinal postural awareness in the gym, in daily life, and beyond. The ab crunch machine brings together two American novelties – the idea of achieving a chiseled six-pack and doing it while slouched over on your ass watching Whoopi drop opinion bombs on The View. Here are four commercial gym machines that you should avoid at all costs, ranked from least horrible to most horrible.

I’m certain that strong muscles can buttress the shear, but it comes with a price and that is compression. As for the regeneration of the discs, we actually know that cartilage does not regenerate after a certain age (30+). Any damage will be replaced be scar tissue that is much weaker . Don”t judge on just one of the two, but using both criteria will make you a good trainer. It really comes down to the persons needs – not the exercises.